2014 Traffic Counts Available via New Web-based Map

Monitoring traffic volumes on area roadways is an important tool that helps planners and engineers prioritize roadway improvements.

Annual traffic counts, gathered at over 2,000 locations in the region, show trends and identify areas where traffic may be approaching a roadway’s capacity.

For area realtors, bankers and land developers, traffic count information is equally important when analyzing locations for investment and marketing.

With the recent release of traffic counts collected in 2014, retrieval of multi-year histories of average daily traffic is now a point and click operation. The Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization has developed a web-based map application that delivers several years of data for hundreds of traffic count stations on area roadways.

Access the map at knoxtrans.org/traffic-counts.

TPO traffic count web map showing fifteen years of data at a Tennessee Department of Transportation count station on Northshore Drive west of I-I40 in Knoxville.

Tips for using the map

Get the data:  click any station to retrieve counts at that location

Find locations:  type addresses, business names, places, or street names in the search box

View aerial photos:  use the Switch Basemap Button to view aerial photos and other basemaps

Download traffic counts:  Data for any count station can be downloaded for use in spreadsheet applications like Excel using the Download CSV button