Mobility Plan 2050 Update

The Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) is a federally required organization that is responsible for the transportation planning process in Knox County and parts of Anderson, Blount, Loudon, Roane and Sevier counties.

We recently began an update to our long-range transportation plan, Mobility Plan 2050, which will examine the current state of transportation in and around the Knoxville region and make recommendations for future investments. Regional transportation planning involves roads, public transportation, sidewalks and bicycle paths, and freight movement (rail, water, or air), all of which will be considered for update under Mobility Plan 2050. To better understand how these modes can be accommodated, the planning process looks at  job forecasts, commuting patterns, congestion trends, crash patterns, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, transit use, and more.

We encourage community feedback throughout the update, as it guides the decisions we make and the transportation projects that are prioritized. Each person in our region has unique needs and interacts with transportation differently, and we want to know the transportation issues you face.

Our first round of community engagement concluded in February, after receiving feedback from a survey, an interactive map, and community meetings. The findings from those efforts have been published in an Outreach Summary.

As the update to Mobility Plan 2050 is set to conclude in May 2025, there is still an opportunity to provide input.  The public is encouraged to continue taking the survey and commenting on the interactive map and to share these opportunities with others. Information regarding future community engagement meetings and update announcements will be available at